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Reducing treatment costs.

Se stai cercando di ridurre i costi dei trattamenti nel tuo centro estetico, la cera KOKKOLA potrebbe essere la soluzione che stai cercando.

If you're looking to reduce treatment costs in your beauty center, KOKKOLA wax could be the solution you're looking for. Thanks to its soft texture and high adhesion formula, our wax requires less material to cover the areas to be treated compared to other waxes on the market. This means you can get more treatments with the same amount of wax, reducing costs for your beauty center while offering high-quality service to your customers.

KOKKOLA wax has been formulated with high-quality, certified BIO ingredients, guaranteeing a gentle and safe hair removal experience for all skin types

Thanks to its formulation, the wax easily adapts to the shape of the areas to be depilated, ensuring a perfect result and a pleasant hair removal experience for your clients.

Offering Brazilian hair removal with KOKKOLA wax in your beauty center can be a beneficial choice for both you and your clients. Thanks to the reduction in treatment costs, you can offer competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of service. In addition, your clients will appreciate this gentle and painless Brazilian hair removal and will be happy to choose your beauty center for their beauty treatments.

Contact us today for more information on our products and collaboration opportunities for your beauty center.


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