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  • What does '' the first cosmetic wax '' mean?
    The history of hair removal dates back to ancient Egypt. Over the years, changes have been made, new methods introduced and experimented with various types of resins. So many different practices, with only one thing as a common goal. The final result, that is the extirpation of the hair. KOKKOLA is the first cosmetic wax, as is the first wax that marks a change in the hair removal process, incorporating the hair, without sticking it. And having as its final goal, as well as achieving the result, the well-being of the customer. Thanks to our formula, the BIO ingredients moisturize and nourish the skin.
  • What are the benefits of KOKKOLA?
    CONSUMPTION REDUCED UP TO 30% Our exclusive formulation is the most elastic on the market and allows you to spread a very thin layer of product but at the same time very resistant to tearing, especially on large areas. LOW TEMPERATURE OF USE The formula enriched with vegetable butters lowers the melting point compared to other products on the market. This allows you to use KOKKOLA resins with complete peace of mind even on the most delicate areas, limiting the problems of skin redness and folliculitis. FREE COLOPHONY AND MULTIDIRECTIONAL FORMULATIONS Our formulations are all rosin-free, therefore all hypoallergenic and multidirectional EPILATION TREATMENT WITH CERTIFIED BIO INGREDIENTS Using certified bio ARGAN OIL, COCOA BUTTER and SHEA BUTTER to offer a pleasant and delicate hair removal treatment for all skin types, especially the most sensitive. FREE TRAINING AND '' EASY KIT '' FOR INSERTION It's easy to introduce as a new service (we will take care of training if you need it)
  • How can I include it in the treatments of my beauty center?
    It's that simple! Just let us know and we will provide you with everything that you need (including brochures and marketing materials).
  • What do I gain by choosing KOKKOLA?
    FOR WORKERS, KOKKOLA wax is very comfortable, versatile and guarantees a wide use, reducing waste and the times. FOR CUSTOMERS, we (and therefore you) propose the only treatment with certified BIO ingredients, that can nourish and soothe the skin, rather than irritate it, ensuring a pleasant multisensory experience . It is ultimately a formula perfected over the years, in order to make waxing a pleasant treatment, the idea and our goal were and are to change the idea associated with waxing, which typically consist of anxiety, pain and irritation. We have made this practice a pleasant cosmetic treatment.
  • What are the advantages of BIO ingredients?
    BIO ARGAN OIL NOURISHING MOISTURIZING EMOLLLIENT Its composition is rich in antioxidants, which increase the production of collagen and keep the fibers elastic, thus helping the skin to remain fresh and young over time. BIO COCOA BUTTER REGENERATING ANTI-AGING EMOLLIENT One of the best natural antioxidants. Able to moisturize the skin and protect it thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. BIO SHEA BUTTER ANTIOXIDANT MOISTURIZING ANTI-AGING This natural butter has a regenerating and emollient action on the skin.Its elasticising properties make it an excellent BIO anti-aging.
  • Is training mandatory?
    It is recommended, then being free we advise you to take advantage of it!
  • I don't know the Brazilian hair removal method. What I do ?
    No problem! We offer free courses in all Italian cities. Check if we're doing one near you right now: otherwise ask for one.
  • I already know the Brazilian hair removal method.   What do I do?
    Great! It means that you already know many advantages of this type of hair removal. KOKKOLA however is also a cosmetic treatment, you can learn more here.
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